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Why I shouldn't be allowed to think

So. In the shower yesterday I came up with and developed a system of government for the mythology and folklore of the world. All of it was thought up before I got out of the shower.

I should have a switch that I can flip when I want to stop thinking.

All mythological creatures and legends will be referred to generally as Lore. There are separate species, but Lore is quicker than 'All mythological creatures'.

The stupid Court system that proves that Lore have no idea what court means.
The Fae Court: The Fae Court was the original court. it was first established in Ireland, but recently moved to France. Representatives from lesser courts gather there to attempt to sway the High Blood, who are the oldest and considered the wisest members. One representative of each species (if they are considered prestigious enough) is a member of the High Blood. Originally, they decided everything on their own and the only thing the lesser courts could do was hope to befriend and influence their decisions. Now more things are put to vote, and any lesser court can send representatives to vote.
It is generally referred to by it's nickname, the High Court, in Europe and in the Court itself because the lesser court of Europe is also called the Fae Courts.

The lesser courts: There is usually one lesser court for each continent, but since Lore measure spaces different than humans, this varies from not having any for large areas, to having completely different ones for small spaces near each other. The lesser courts all have smaller courts about equidistant from each other in their territory, and these smaller courts are referred to by the same name as the lesser court they refer to, but their name is singular while the lesser court name is plural. All lesser courts refer to The Fae Court.

Europe: The lesser court of Europe is the Fae Courts. They consider themselves much higher than most other courts because they were the first to officially form. Most of the High Blood comes from the Fae Courts, but other than that they don't have a lot of power because the individual courts tend to vote differently.

Russia: The Russian court is the Frost Courts. They rarely send representatives to The Fae Courts, and when they do it doesn't greatly affect anything. Russia tends to keep to inself and not bother anyone, but because of this not a lot is known about them.

China: The Chinese court is a bit complicated. Two courts were established at the same time, the Dragon Courts and the Phoenix Courts. They both had the same amount of supporters, so they sent word to The Fae Court asking which would be official. The Fae Court neither approved or denied either, so both courts remained and always have as many representatives as possible in The Fae Court. Both courts are very powerful, but no one worries about them because they're usually too busy fighting each other to be a problem. Even in The Fae Court they always vote against each other, and only wind up canceling out their votes. They are refered to by most of the other courts as the Warring Courts.

Japan: The Japanese court is the Kami Courts. The Kami Courts actually have a fairly large say in things because they tend to vote together, and are one of the few courts that does. They tend to not bother anyone, but are usually the first to implement innovative ideas and have a good deal of political power.

The Americas: The South and Central American court is the Quetzl Courts and the North American court is the Forest Courts. They tended to ignore one another for a long time until Quetzlcoatl, the ruler of the Quetzl Courts, stepped down and announced he was going to sleep until the end of the world. He then retired to an unknown location and has not been heard from since. The Quetzl and Forest Courts have gotten along like best friends since then, but are not openly friendly to the rest of the courts. They only send representative half the time to The Fae Court, and almost seem not to care. However, once action is decided by The Fae Court, they immediately attempt to get the Quetzl and Forest Courts to assist them in carrying it out, because the member of the courts have repeatedly proved themselves strong, resourceful, ingenious, and good at working with each other. They are a valuable force to have backing you.
Recently the Quetzl and Forest Courts have begun to be called the Dragon Courts because of a rumor that the reason Quetzlcoalt stepped down was because he had found a child of the Elder Dragons and proclaimed it his successor. The rumor also says that this child has not only become ruler of the Quetzl Courts, but the Forest Courts as well. The rumor cannot be confirmed or denied because whenever someone asks a member of the Queztl Courts about it they just look confused, and whenever they ask a member of the Forest Courts about it, they give them a secretive or mischievous smirk. This would be considered upsetting, but members of the Forest Courts tend to give a secretive or mischievous smirk in response to just about any question, so it doesn't really say anything.

Africa: The African court was originally a lot of individual courts under different names rising up all over the continent. Once they realized this, they decided to call themselves as a whole the Shadow Courts and left it at that. The Shadow Courts don't always send representatives, and the other courts tend to think them a bit backwards, but they do have a huge number of Lore in Africa, so no one can even threaten to not listen to them.

Australia: The Australian court is sometimes called the Bunyip Courts and sometimes called the Dream Courts. No one is really sure which is the official name, and since they hardly ever send representatives to The Fae Court, it's a bit hard to find out anything about them.

Ocean: There is an official court of the oceans called the Leviathan Courts. The only time the Leviathan Courts were heard from was when they sent an official request to have a court, and the name. The request was approved and sent back and no one heard anything else from them. The Leviathan Courts are somewhat feared because they have the power to control weather, and it has often been disputed in The Fae Court whether a hurricane or tidal wave occurred naturally or was caused by the sea Lore.

Human/Lore relations: Humans cannot generally see Lore because of blood. The more of your ancestors that are from a certain area, the purer your blood is in relation to that area, and the more likely you are to be able to see the Lore from that area. It used to be that most people could see the Lore in their home because they generally lived in the same place for generations, but recently people have been moving all over the place and having kids with people from other places, so they can't see the Lore anywhere.
The Lore generally consider the humans lower than them, and look down on them with thinly veiled disgust. They even brought up the proposition to destroy the humans once in The Fae Court, but a tropical storm hit where they were meeting, so the matter was dropped and everyone was too afraid that the Leviathan Court had sent the storm as a warning to bring it up again.

Magical humans: Humans can use magical items, but usually aren't magic themselves. When they are it's probably because they have some Lore blood in them, or because they are from one of the ancient families that could use magic naturally. Humans with true magical ability can almost always see Lore.

Dragons: There used to be a race of incredibly powerful dragons older than any other race. This race was called the Elder Dragons, but a long time ago they left and no one knew where they went, so now the only races of dragons left are the half-bloods and the lesser races. The dragons in Europe and Asia are all either half-bloods or lesser races. Quetzlcoatl emerged around the time the lesser dragons and half-bloods were first appearing, so it's unknown whether he is really an Elder Dragon or if he was just one of the more powerful lesser ones. There is a rumor that there are Elder Dragons at the bottom of the sea, but no one really knows for sure.

Why brain, why?
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