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Right. So the past week has been extremely eventful and filled with mood swings between upset to the point I am crying and gleeful to the point I am practically dancing. This has not been caused by my hormones, but by things happening that I am actually reacting in a sensible way to.

Monday: No school. Tried to do flvs, wound up procrastinating.

Tuesday: Got up, was sick. Spent the day sleeping and throwing up.

Wednesday: Wasn't quite better, and my day was extremely tiring. Had almost no sleep the night before because of a FREAKY nightmare with a scary green monster that I will eventually color the drawing I made of. School was more tiring than usual for no particular reason, then I got home and was floored because of a blatant (and incredibly stupid) breach of trust by a friend of the family that I don't want to go into detail about and has yet to be resolved.

Thursday: Started my bottlecap person in Jewelry Making, managed to distract Mr. Harris (and the rest of the class) for my entire physics period by playing with a snap-together circuit set he brought and making some really cool stuff. Consequentially, I'm caught up with what I missed Tuesday in his class. Went out to eat with mom and picked out my outfit for my Golden Herald interview.

Friday (today): Started off to school only to discover that afore mentioned trust-breaching family friend stole all the cash in my wallet, consisting of about $75, and leaving me with only a few dollars in changed. Spent first period in the corner of the library crying, but I don't think anyone noticed. Spent French in a funk and sought out Thivy for a hug between French and Yearbook. She was having a rotten day too so we hugged and then I had to run to yearbook. Spent most of yearbook doing a mock-interview for Theo for the Golden Herald because he was never here to get one so he needed the practice. Needed the practice. Then I was called to Mrs. Edwards office for Golden Herald stuff and got a pass from her to be late to Stagecraft. When I finally came home I was ready to cry some more over the theft, but then I checked my e-mail.

I got accepted to SCAD.
I got accepted.

No icon I have can possibly express my utter glee at this.

So yeah. That's what's happened so far. Tomorrow is my Golden Herald interview and I can't wait to see what else my week can manage to throw at me before the end.

Edit: Oh! And I forgot to mention that as soon as we got home Matthew managed to break the shower curtain rod. Fun.
Tags: babble, craaazy, crying, eventful, yay
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