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The infamous Quote Files!

Hi! I have performed my patriotic duty today by stimulating the economy by eating out at and expensive restaurant. Also! Bandwagon~ My personality type: the individualistic doer

Annnnd I finally typed out my quote files. All in specific easy categories, too.

10th/9th grade:

Landers: And all we can find from this era is metabolic waste, since there were no

hard structures.

Kristy: So what, poop?

Landers: ... Yes. Cell poop. But since we're all so intelligent in here we're going to call it metabolic waste.

Jenna: Well if everyone's jumping off a cliff, then it must be fun so of course I'm gonna do it too.

Justin O: I get up at 7 O'clock.

Sarah: Are you freakin' nuts?! That's when I go to sleep!

Kristy: Where would you find a cliff in Florida? Do you mean a seawall? Because jumping off of those can really hurt.

*Caitlin B is wearing socks with "sex" written all over them*
Josh: I'd wear those even if I wasn't a girl!

SomeGuy: Reggie, your mom's gonna pick us up.

Reggie: What?

SomeGuy: Your mom!

Reggie: No, your mom.

Playing Kingdom Hearts:

KH2 Rikku: Later taters!

Kristy: "taters"? We're potatoes now?

Sarah: Score!

Sarah: This place has crappy treasure.

Kristy: Well, it's in melons! What did you expect?

Caitlin L: *tosses Pooh stuffed animal at Sarah*

Sarah: Yay! Salvation of teh Pooh!

Kristy: That would make a good keyblade.

Sarah: What, 'Salvation'?

Kristy: Or 'Salvation of teh Pooh'

Sarah: That's what we have exlax for.

Kristy: That would make a good keyblade, too.

Sarah: What would you use it for?

Kristy: Beating the crap out of people.

Kristy: Yeah! I got my defense weaponisms now!

11th grade:

Mrs. Turner: Who wants to go next?

Caitlin B & Joanne: Me!

Mrs. Turner: Okay. You can fight over it then.

Caitlin B: You can go.

Joanne: No, you.

Caitlin B: I don't mind.

Joanne: But you really wanted to.

Kristy: Wow, you guys fight so well.

Joanne: I'm going to breathe just as much, if not more, air, so you'll have none left.

Mom: The Ten Commandments of Origami?

Kristy: Uh huh. I didn't read them.

*Kristy is twirling a string of beads around her fingers*
*beads slip off and hit something across the table*

Sarah H: So, what did we learn from this?

*Kristy picks up beads again and proceeds to continue twirling them*

Kristy: Not much.

Sarah: Absolutely nothing.

Reggie: Damn that corner!

Joanne: Are you on Myspace?

Emily: Always!

Joanne: Your parents had sex. Are you okay with that?

Emily: Well, actually I... I hadn't considered that. No.

Joanne: Well, too bad! You're considering it now!

Mrs. Charnell: Now, if I knew how to call the office I would.

*Sarah and Kristy are fighting with plastic knives*

Sarah: Can I be Aramis?

Kristy: Sure! Can I be Phillipe?

Sarah: Sure!

*fight some more*

Kristy: Wait, why are Aramis and Phillipe fighting? He's the only one Aramis wasn't against at some point.

Sarah: Dunno. Lover's spat?

Kristy: You just threw The Alienist across the room?! That's dangerous! You could take out an eye!

Kristy: Well it must be a good idea if I've had it before.

Gretchen: Taylor Wald, you have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone.

Mrs. Reid: That's the problem with technology, it starts out as something good then people like Andrew figure out how to misuse it.

Andrew: What are you talking about? I don't misuse technology!

Joanne: No, you just get the whole school banned from Wikipedia.

Joanne: Laurie! You need your own life!

Mrs. Angello: You should have seen my friend, she was weird and a half!

Joanne: I wouldn't recommend baking a cake and putting a real fetus in it...

Sarah: We hid the food from the Yale representative!

Caitlin B: All I asked was that my mom wear clothes, she didn't even do that!

SCAD Summer Seminar:

Kristy: Harry Potter's a Horcrux.

Seamus: Who's a whore?

teammate #1: What's our score?

teammate #2: The square root of win.

"Can I have the ketchup or are you still building with it?"

"All your PS3s are belong to us."

12th grade:

Caitlin B: Our class is like in Star Wars when Luke blew up the Death Star and the Death Star was exploding and the Millennium Falcon escaped...

Sarah: So we're the Millennium Falcon?

Caitlin B: No, the class of 2007 was the Millennium Falcon. We're still on the Death Star.

Moe: I'll hand out the papers.

Reggie: Brooowwnnoser.

Moe: Was that a racial comment?

People at fork: Which way?

Marshall: Right.

People at fork: *walk right*

Marshall: *walks left*

People at fork: Dude. You're a jerk!

Sarah: Do not question our logic. Otherwise it will fail.

Ashley: That's kind of like how this school works.

Caitlin B: I'm gonna go find Mrs. Evans to approve this.

Kristy: Do you want to switch to a uniform jacket?

Caitlin B: No, I'll risk it. It'll be like a thrill ride!

Kristy: I'm a Decepticon!

Kristy's Mom: You are?

Kristy: Yes! I'm wearing all black and I'm gonna run off into the night and destroy military bases!

Kristy's Mom: You better put on some shoes, it's cold out.

Kristy: it really is. I'm going back inside.

Caitlin B: I did my homework. That's new!

Librarian: What was that?

Student: Just something that exploded in my backpack from the heat.

Lady who checks belts/shirts at lunch: I need to see your belts... *looks at Sarah* Oh, nevermind. I know you have one.

Kristy: *in a whisper* You don't have a belt, do you?

Sarah: No.

Jaryd: Uugh. Why don't I have a house and a yard and a wife?

Sarah: You did one of the Little Shop posters, right? Which one?

Kristy: The one that looks like it was actually done by someone with artistic ability.

Sarah: I figured.

Sarah: You drew yourself with one eye?

Kristy: Cyclops! Cyclops!

Grace: Well I actually am half-blind in one eye. The other one's fine.

Kristy: Mutant! Mutant!

John Burns: I think I'll come to school naked.

Brianna: You're not allowed to do that.

John Burns: Why not?

Kristy: Because we have standards, John.

Reggie: Because Ashley has 3 penises.

Caitlin L: Dahlia Hawthorne, in Minnie Mouse's garden, with the DS.

Kristy: Because going to Disney is totally about playing Phoenix Wright.

Caitlin L: *singing songs from the Finding Nemo musical* Sometimes things look baaaad~
Then poof! The moment is gooooone~

*her soda explodes all over her*

Sarah: And what do we do~

Everyone else: We just keep swimming ooooon~

Kristy: Hey, that one guy singing on screen? he was just attacked by 3 vampire chicks. Do you think he's dying, lamenting that they betrayed him, or lamenting being turned into a vampire?

Sarah: I think he's lamenting getting vampire STDs.

Mrs. Rivera: Andrew? Is he here?

Kristy: He's incapacitated.

Andrew: I'm detacapidated.

Mrs: Turner: Do you think you're the greatest thing ever created? Because you are.

I almost stared crying when I typed the last one in. Does anyone have Mrs. Turner's number? because somehow I don't.
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