November 23rd, 2006

The Catbus cometh.

News update!

1) I threw up, but I don't think I'm sick. Weird.

2) My main mini god is officially based on:

Raja Indainda
The thunder god in Batak mythology. He is the spy and messenger of the other gods.

So yay, he gets thunder and spying. ^___^

3) Kekkaishi ep 1-2 was AMAZING! They did it perfectly from how they handled the huge flashback at the beginning to the animation. There was nothing I could complain about regarding the art/animation, which is saying something, since I tend to complain about the smallest things regarding that stuff. Okay, so Tokine's nose was a bit off in one shot, but I'm willing to ignore that since they did the kekkais and the ghost dogs so well.

4) My realplayer frizzled, so I had to fix that, but it's all better now.

5) If you're watching this Poly, then go here and here and tell me what language the second one is in since I'm curious, but I also think you'll like them since it's mythology-ish.

6) and my characters have been active. More active then normal, that is.
Some quotes from them:
Tina: Ah! Qu'est-ce que c'est ici?
(I actually understood that, yay!)

Soleil: It's like fate, but do it yourself style!
(yes, thank you for giving me the summation of the entire Sunfall almost-trilogy, Soleil.)
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