November 9th, 2007

The Catbus cometh.


So, um. I cried again today, which is weird because usually I get a month's worth of pent up stress out at once and then I'm okay. Apparently the not-being-listened-to thing is worse than anything I've dealt with since elementary school. Drat. And it's a bit odd, but my brain seems to have chosen a song to express how I feel at the moment. So 'Paris is Burning' by St. Vincent has been going through my head all today, and when I really thought about it, it matched how i feel amazingly well, both the tune and lyrics. Is it bad that my brain can subconsciously pick a song to match what I feel before I've identified it? Well, I like the song.

I think I may yell at someone soon, but I hope not since what I might say would probably be like reality punching them in the face. Or gut.

So, Political funny: Hilary vs. Obama