November 8th, 2008

You win! (the internet)

Fun Facts!

Fun facts about art school (or at least my art school)

1: Everyone carries as much to class as I did in high school

2: Everyone shares art supplies with each other

3: Around half the student population is Christian, and most of the rest are homosexual, though none of the Christians go psycho on them for it which is nice (and interesting, considering they seem to have a need to go psycho on them for it almost everywhere else).

4: Everyone has a Mac, and what everyone really wants is my HP. :D Tablet screen!

5: Despite being an art school, the most hijinks anyone has been up to is sliding down the ramps in our dorm in rolling chairs. I think our creativity is too focused into our work for us to have much left.

6: There are marker boards on everyone's door, and all of them are covered not in doodles, not in scrawls, and not in crappy badly-drawn things, but in very pretty art.

7: You can always tell who is a fashion major

8: The worship service at church is so awesomely done that it's like watching a concert without all the screaming in your ear (the lights! and the animations on the screens! s;djajfyay.)

9: The most efficient way to do a project is in a room full of other people, because you can hold it up and say "Does the balance seem off on this to you?" or "Is my atmospheric perspective not developed enough?" and they will give you a good answer

10: There are at least 5 art supply stores within walking distance, and the competition keeps the prices fairly low.

Well, that's all for now. May add more if I think of any.
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