tlantchi (tlantchi) wrote,

Siren rant

Right, a few years ago I came up with Lorilei, and then Reth, and then they (mostly Lorilei) suddenly had not only their own storyline, but their own universe, and the entire thing was kind of a simple, sappy story so I let it be.

Then after their story was over Lorilei and Reth had a kid. And thus began the Siren Spawn. Rain was Lori's kid, Taran was just her friend who popped up out of no where (though I suspect Lori) and became the next Siren. I was a bit amused, and slightly annoyed that my nice simple story had turned into a multiple-generation spanning almost-epic, but didn't complain, and let it be.

But I am now not happy, because apparently, spawning another Siren is part of the job description ever since Lori got her scheming little hands on it, and I've got another one. She's cute though, and half dragon, so I couldn't help but love her, and I knew there was another one in there, since she's only got half the Siren powers, but I was really hoping he wouldn't show up and I could just slip her into the Garden or something and not deal with another generation of Sirens. Then I was listening to music today, and she got plot. Not just plot, but trans-dimensional plot, which means Lina is helping Lori in her spawnage, and there's no way I can stifle both of them. Then the Siren with the other half of the power showed up, and now there's no way out.

This is Lori's fault. I know because she's in utter glee about it and grinning.
Tags: plotspamming, siren spawn
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