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Snippet spawn

I don't usually write, but I really needed to put this down in writing. It was inspired by an interesting conversation in costuming class.

Qajo was happy. She hadn't been, because Istas had gotten another exclusive invitation to some extremely posh and high class live performance and had, partly because she wanted to and partly because everyone else wanted her to, taken half the members with her, including Qajo. And because it was a dance performance. Qajo didn't like watching dance performacnes, and liked going to high class events even less, which was blatantly against her heritage, but she didn't care. Dancing was fun, but only when you were doing it. When other people were doing it, it got boring fast, and Qajo hadn't been happy. Then she'd snuck away, utilizing the skills she honed sneaking away from her father to keep anyone from
seeing her and made it backstage.

And now she was happy. Because she'd found the tap shoes, and playing with magnetic forces was always fun.Tyre had gotten mad at her once for flying metal chairs in circles in the living lobby-place. He'd ordered her to stop, and then had turn to Istas and asked her to "pleease make Qajo stop. She's gonna break something!" Istas had blinked at the chairs, then grinned and said it was the coolest thing ever, and since Istas outranked everyone, being their founder, and everyone included Tyre, Qajo was allowed to abuse her powers. Now the tap shoes were floating 3 feet above the floor and dancing. They weren't making noise, since they weren't touching the ground, and Qajo thought that this was more fun then actually dancing. Then she whirled her head around as footsteps approached, and righted the tap shoes as she disappeared into the rafters. The dancers picked up their shoes, and left for their number.

The rafters were nice, and she would've been happy to stay there and not cause any more trouble, but then she noticed something about the shoes she'd been playing with. The dancers were on stage now, starting their number, and Qajo grinned as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of paperclips, kept for just such emergencies, and dropped
them on the stage.

She laughed as the dancers yelped and lost their balance when the paperclips immediately clung to the metal of their shoes. She hadn't yet figured out how to consciously magnetize the stuff she played with, but it was always fun when it happened anyway.

I apologize for run-on sentences, but Qajo thinks in run-ons.
Tags: costuming, magnets, qajo, snippet, sunfall, tapshoes
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