tlantchi (tlantchi) wrote,

tis cleeeaan

I cleaned my room! Even the closet and the dresser, and I got rid of a trashbag full of stuff. I also found that my futon had been set up wrong and now that I fixed it it takes up less space and is more comfy.

Before cleaning out my closet I had no idea what was in it because you can fit anything and everything in my closet. Whenever I see something on how to organize your closet, they put everything in nice color-coded boxes (usually pastels), none of which are bigger then a breadbox. I consider that impossible and slightly stupid. Now I have in my closet 1 ceder chest, 1 ginormous (about 3 feet by 2 feet by 5 feet) box of old things from my childhood, a bunch of hangers with about 10 actually holding things, 3 girl scout cookie boxes filled with who-knows-what, 1 pad for a sleeping bag, 1 volley ball, and 1 giant purple exercise ball. I didn't touch the top shelf, so I can't honestly list all that in here. My closet is still much more then half empty. I love it.

And I went on an internet quest just to make sure and am pretty certain that my sister is wrong in insisting that "futon" is the same as "unwanted guest" in Japan.
Tags: cleaning my room, closetyay, futon, ramble, win


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