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Meme theft~

1. Choose a few of your own characters (five at the most).
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself.

How old are you?
What's your height?
What are you?
Do you have any bad habits?
Are you a virgin?
Who's your mate / spouse? If not, got anyone in mind?
Do you have any kids?
What's your favourite food?
What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
Have you killed anyone?
Have any secrets?
Do you hate anyone?
Do you love anyone?
What is your job?
Boy or girl?
What do you do to relax?
What's something that you like?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
What's your favourite clothes/outfit?

Characters I choose: Teir, Mion, Icarus, Syl, and Kitt.

How old are you?

Teir: Older than I seem, but I've actually lost count. It's pretty easy to do when you weren't counting in the first place.

Mion: 13.

Icarus: I have no idea once you add the sleeping at the bottom of the sea for who knows how long in.

Teir: Wait, what?

Icarus: Not gonna explain.

Syl: 13 years, 4 months, 5 days, 14 hours, and 16 minutes.

Everyone else: ...

Syl: 33 seconds, 34 seconds, 35 seconds...

Kitt: Stop.

Syl: *stops*

Kitt: My age is classified information. *grins*

What's your height?

Teir: I dunno. That kinda depends... But the statue of me is over 20 feet!

Mion: I know that I'm short, but other than that I don't measure it. Lerrel is shorter.

Kitt: Awwwww~ That's so cute!

Mion: *pointedly ignores*

Icarus: I don't care.

Syl: 4 feet, 5 inches, 3 eigthes of an inch...

What are you?

Teir: A humanoid extension of the consciousness of a dragon that transformed into a living city with it's own dimension hundreds of years ago in order to give some humans a better chance at life. The best part is that this makes me king of the city by default.

Everyone else: ...

Kitt: You're a king?

Teir: Technically just the heir at the moment, but I run everything anyway so it doesn't matter.

Kitt: Can you bestow titles of nobility?

Teir: Yep! It is one of the powers I love to abuse.

Kitt: Interesting...

Mion: I'm Human... ish. I've got an extra half a soul from a different creature, but I'm not sure if it's enough to qualify me as something else.

Icarus: I don't think so, no. I'm Genetically human.

Mion: Only genetically?

Syl: His genes are human, but his background code is weird.

Icarus: Background code? What?

Syl: I am undecided.

Teir: On what?

Syl: What I am.

Everyone else: ....

Kitt: *grins* Well, I happen to be a kitsune.

Do you have any bad habits?

Teir: Everyone else thinks I don't tell them what's going on to often, but if they needed to know than they would.

Mion: I suppose being anti-social could be a habit.

Icarus: *snorts* Put me down for that one.

Teir: Anti-socialism is bad.

Kitt: Is that a word?

Syl: No.

Teir: How do you know?

Syl: Antisocialist is a word, though.

Mion: When were you on

Syl: Just now.

Everyone else: ... o.O

Mion: So, what? You get internet in your head? I can't get a signal in here, how do you do it?

Syl: By ampli..

Kitt: Moving along now...

Are you a virgin?

Teir: That depends~

Icarus: On what?

Teir: ...You weren't supposed to ask.

Icarus: Too bad. On what?

Syl: I have not had sex as of yet.

Kitt: You a vigin, short girl?

Mion: ... I'm 13. Yes, I am a virgin.

Icarus: Seriously, on what?

Who's your mate / spouse? If not, got anyone in mind?

Teir: I had a crush on Sharron for a awhile, but I got over it pretty fast when she decided to kill me.

Mion: I would too.

Kitt: You got a mate, short girl? *waggles eyebrows*

Mion: ...I suppose Kohaku. Do you have a mate, annoying and possibly brain-damaged idiot kitsune?

Kitt: *sighs wistfully* If only my beloved would let me...

Icarus: The thought of you reproducing is scary.

Syl: I do not, under the classical definition, have a mate and/or spouse.

Do you have any kids?

Teir: I've got a younger brother, does that count?

Icarus: No.

Mion: ... I'm 13.

Syl: I believe not having had sex disqualifies you from having kids. Correct?

Kitt: *grins* Why don't you look it up online?

Mion: I attempted to, but Verril is blocking me.

Kitt: Who?

Mion: Do you have children?

*all eyes turn to Kitt*

Kitt: If I do, then I have no idea.

Icarus: I'm going to have to hate you now. Excuse me as I glare.

What's your favourite food?

Teir: I like ice cream.

Mion: I like instant stuff.

Syl: I.. think I like blueberries.

Mion: You think?

Syl: There is a 96.3 % chance.

Kitt: I like fried foods and pancakes.

Icarus: *is still glaring at Kitt*

What's your favourite ice cream flavour?

Teir: Oreo

Mion: Chocolate.

Syl: I like vanilla?

Kitt: Sherbet~

Icarus: *is still glaring*

Kitt: Could you stop?

Icarus: No.

Kitt: Um.

Have you killed anyone?

Teir: I don't think so...

Mion: ...once more, I'm 13. No.

Kitt: You shouldn't let age hold you back so much, shorty.

Mion: *joins Icarus' glare*

Kitt: *figits* Um?

Syl: I have not.

Icarus: I may soon. *glares a bit more pointedly at Kitt*

Kitt: What is your problem?!?

Have any secrets?

Teir: Kinda~

Mion: Technically.

Syl: I have.

Kitt: Um. Make him stop glaring at me?

Do you hate anyone?

Teir: Not really.

Mion: I mostly ignore people before I get to the level of hate with them.

Syl: No.

Icarus: Yes. Very much. *still glaring at Kitt*

Kitt: Stop, okay? I don't even no what I did!

Icarus: *grumbles and turns to glare at the floor*

Teir: Weird.

Do you love anyone?

Teir: I really care about a lot of people, but I only love a few.

Icarus: That was extrodinarily specific.

Teir: Back to bugging me? Kitt, you get no titles of nobility.

Kitt: I don't even know what I did!

Mion: I suppose I love Kohaku.

Syl: I am ...unsure.

Kitt: I love Iri.

Icarus: Will I want to kill her, too?


What is your job?

Mion: ... I'm 13. I'm a high school student!

Teir: I'm king!

Icarus: I thought you said you were the heir?

Teir: *shrugs* Same thing.

Icarus: That's reassuring.

Kitt: I mostly just make sure Iri doesn't get her self killed and mess up stuff.

Syl: I have no paying job.

Icarus: Same here.

Boy or girl?

Teir: Male

Mion: Girl.

Icarus: I'm a guy.

Syl: Female, though Verril classifies himself as male.

Kitt: Male.

What do you do to relax?

Teir: Run off and watch my friends attempt to find me, or annoy Tal and watch him go ballistic.

Icarus: That's kingly.

Teir: Well, what do you do?

Icarus: I don't.

Kitt: You... don't?

Icarus: I don't.

Mion: I do computer stuff. And I make stuff.

Syl: I'm not sure. I never seem to be exactly un-relaxed...

Kitt: I stalk Iri~

What's something that you like?

Teir: I like kingly cape-robe things with lots of fur lining.

Mion: Flying.

Icarus: Being left alone.

Kitt: You really are an Antisocialist.

Icarus: I really don't think that means what you think it means.

Syl: I like computers. And Icarus is correct, that usage of Antisocialist would be wrong.

Kitt: Well, I like Iri. So there!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Teir: When I was a dragon or human?

Mion: You grew up as both?

Teir: Yep, first as a dragon and then as a human.

Mion: I wanted to be not poor.

Icarus: I didn't get a chance to think about it until I was grown up. I think maybe I wanted to be a kid.

Kitt: You glared at me again. It had something to do with what you just said, didn't it?

Syl: I wanted to be me.

What's your favourite clothes/outfit?

Teir: I like my grey jacket-thing lots.

Mion: I like lab coats.

Syl: I like my hat.

Kitt: I like Iri's hat. I steal it.

Icarus: I don't really care what I wear. Can I leave now?

Teir: Nope~

What's your biggest regret in life?

Teir: That I had to live so long among other dragons and that they wouldn't let me take Tal with me when I left.

Mion: It used to be that I was a orphan, but I'm okay with that now.

Icarus: Biggest? Probably that I couldn't protect my friends from my father even when I left and they thought I was dead. Mostly my biggest regret is my father in general. *looks pointedly at Kitt*

Kitt: *blinks* OH! You've been glaring at me because I said I didn't even know if I had any children. Look, just because you have daddy issues don't mean you have to take them out on me!

Syl: I regret the death of my mother before I was old enough to truely know her.

Kitt: I guess my biggest regret would be having to choose between my ambitions and Iri, but I still think I got the best end of the deal.

Icarus: Great. I'm leaving.
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